About the Company

State-of-the-Art Transportation Planning Services – Imported from Europe

In 1994, after thirty-five years of transportation planning experience in Europe Eugene Jud moved to California, founded Jud Consultants in San Luis Obispo, and joined the faculty of the local university, Cal Poly. At Cal Poly he teaches civil engineering, produces transportation plans with students and other professors, and does research. See also (http://ceenve3.calpoly.edu/jud).

With the current trend of the U.S. adapting European transportation planning, Jud Consultants believes that it is in a unique position to offer services that deal with today's demands. These demands include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the possible “end of oil.”

At Jud Consultants we specialize in sustainable transportation solutions and are experienced in public transportation, paratransit, pedestrian planning, and all four generations of European traffic calming.

Jud Consultants has worked for United Nations, city and county governments, developers and universities on projects in Europe, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Mexico, and the United States.